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" Become A Part Of ChefExpress Family "


If you knead the dough,

There’s a lot of money to be made
delivering Pizzas

Chef Express’s Values

When the first Chef Express Pizza Home Delivery service opened in Madras in March ’95,
a totally new eating experience arrived in this city. Chef Express has since grown rapidly from
strength to strength and to day is one of the countries most elite pizza home delivery company.
Chef Express operates take away and home delivery store in Two location in Madras.

The root of our success lies in the principles on which the business has been based - quality,
customer service, cleanliness and value. Our ability to set these standards is unmatched and
your success as a prospective franchisee is dependent upon being able to maintain them - to provide a
top quality product at a value for money price, accompanied by friendly service.

Forming a Partnership

If you are Interested in owning your own company then Chef Express can help you realise your
dream at a very low startup cost. Chef Express seeks individuals from all major cities in India
who can bring to our home delivery service & Take away the entrepreneurial spirit and nergy which
sets them apart from other local businesses. Previous catering experience is not required.

Sound management skill, a hands-on approach and a willingness to give full-time
and best efforts to the running of the delivery service are prerequisites.

A conventional Chef Express franchise is a 10 year agreement and must be renewed at the end of
this period. Chef Express’s franchise fee is Rs. 3 lakhs for a take-out and delivery store and
Rs 5 lakhs for a dine-in unit. In addition a Flat Fee Royalty of Rs10,000 per month
for the 1st year with an annual increment of 15% of the Flat Fee Royalty.
Our Flat Fee Royalty is one of the key advantages which allows you to realize greater profits as
your revenue grows!. Equipment costs are low and will depend on whether you have a full service dine-in,
or a take-out and delivery unit. If you are interested in Joining the Chef Express’s family to cook up
the best Pizza (as well as high profits) in your town, please contact us for further details.