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The Pizza began simply as a garnished flat bread sold by roaming vendors to the poor in the streets of
18th century Naples. Probably the biggest step wards its present-day persona was the acceptance of
the tomato by the Neapolitans, and the subsequent use of its flesh as pizza topping.

This happy culinary partnership was endorsed, so the story goes, in 1889 when queen Margherita
was accompanying her Husband, Umberto I of Savoia on an inspection of his Italian Kingdom.
During her trips around the kingdom she saw many peasants and poor people eating a flat bread which
they called "Pizza".The curious queen summoned her guards and asked them to bringher a piece of this
flat bread. The queen liked what she ate and would eat this flat bread every time she went out of her palace.

The queen was extremely popular with the masses and had developed a great liking for their Pizza.
This taste was considered somewhat undesirablein court circles. One day in June, on the queens
insistence Raffaele Esposito was summoned from his pizzeria to the palace to bake a selection
of Pizzas for the queen.

Raffaele in order to honour the queens desire for his pizzas baked a special pizza with tomato,
Mozzarella, cheese and basil (the colours of the Italian flag - red/white/green).
The pizza was a great hit with the queen and Esposito was summoned often to bake this pizza.
When the news got out that the queens favourite was topped with tomato, mozzarella & basil,
she not only became an even greater hit with the public, but also started a trend for the Pizza
Margherita that has lasted in Naples and around the world to this day.